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Another interesting tidbit: No female hip-hop artists @ AMAs

So the ‘women of the music biz’ question still lingers on the internet. I’ve done my best to superficially address the problem here as it pertains to indie (check the comments for a long debate on the subject).

This, however, is from the blog Poplicks.com — the American Music Awards have removed their best hip-hop female artists category. As Poplicks point out, is this because the media hasn’t paid attention to female rappers? Or because there just aren’t many of them? What-the-fuck-is-going-on? Why are female rappers invisible right now — the economy? the state of the music biz? the fact that Missy Elliot is on some kind of vacation?

“I realize the American Music Awards are only slightly more relevant than the Golden Space Needle Awards and the Little People’s Choice Awards.

But today’s list of AMA nominations reveals a startling fact.

In the categories of POP/ROCK, there are nominees for both Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Female Artist.

Same goes for the categories of COUNTRY MUSIC and SOUL/RHYTHM & BLUES.

But for RAP/HIP-HOP MUSIC, there is no Best Female Artist category this year. They only have three nominees for Best Male Artist. (They have had a Best Female Artist category in this genre before.)

Are you getting that? There were so few female hip hop artists worth recognizing this year that the American Music Awards — whose standards are so low that Michael Jackson is a leading nominee this year — didn’t even bother to list three nominees.

Perhaps the problem is not an actual dearth of female hip hop artists, but the failure to recognize them. Or the failure of radio, magazines, tv, and other outlets to play and promote female hip hop artists.

No matter what, this is a pathetic development.

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