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Paranormal Activity

Theres been allot of hype about this movie, yeah its got its scary scenes, yeah its doing the whole Blair Witch, Quarantine, Cloverfield point of view bullshit, but was it good? Meh, the two scary scenes to me was not worth the 90+ minutes of hiding under one blanket with four stoned individuals. i had to satisify my thirst though, what the fuck is all this hype about, this 15k movie making 80 mill, theres gotta be something special about it, the unknowning, the fear, the limited data, all the things that tried to bridge the gap amongst the common household ghost scare to some really fucked up shit. it did this well.  after reading the directors struggles to make this movie i give him some props, will he ever make anything worthwhile probably not, this movie also has an annoying 3 different fucking endings, for a person who doesnt want to pay for this movie, searching youtube for the alternate endings was a fucking disaster. After viewing the blue tinted fuzzy theater ending i must say the theater ending is way better then the orignal ending i saw. Theres no “poping out shit myself” scenes, there is just a unreal ghastly setting for the two main characters, with loud noises which creates semi scary scenes.  Watch it if you havent seen a good horror film lately, but dont keep your hopes up, cause theres allot of build up and not enough boom boom wow.

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