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Next Day Air

What can i say, anything with mos def in it is Gold, just kidding, this movie is just ok, its just like a black shortened version of Snatch. Id say most of you never even heard about this movie, but its got a pretty star studded cast; you got Julius from remeber the titans, you got dude from scrubs, some hot latina girl shes not famous but id just like to point out that shes foine, and of course you got mike epps who seems to be in every black comedy, and dont forget the evil mexican guy but who knows his name? noone.  watch this if you are bored out of your mind and need some visual stimuli, it wont blow you away it wont actually do anything to your thought, your mind equilibrium will be at the same place you left it when you pressed play. What is cool about this movie is that the one dude who you… oh wait THE OLDER BROTHER FROM FAMILY MATTERS IS IN THE MOVIE, ok anyways the one dude who you want to live, lives, this semi good looking charming 50 cent kevlar wearing dude lives, YAY, but the dumb fuck stoner dude who is weak and pathetic also lives, so basically you have to live with that at the end of the movie.  whatever.

Monsters Vs Aliens

I could find no worthy alternate movie posters, cause i like putting up alternate movie posters.

So after Bee Movie and fucking terribad piece of shit cunt rag Kung Fu Panda, i really didnt want to watch anymore fucking animated movies, you know before movies like Toy Story and  Shrek were animated masterpieces, they were like 16th chapel kind of spunk, 10 years in the making kind of work. Now they fucking pop em out like a case of day after munchies crapathon there is no gold standard anymore, the market is just overfilled with these shitty animated films now. But for some reason out of nothing to watch i watched Monsters vs Aliens, when im skeptical about a movie i do a brief skim of the movie on my computer you know just like take a peeky weeky at some scenes, like when you got to a beach yaddamean. So i came upon this scene.

Beverly Hills cop anyone? who doesnt like axel foley mang, come the fuck on, thats a great fucking scene, so i watched it and i was very pleased and very amused during the whole time, with little giggles and monstrous chuckles. Its a good flick, young old, watch it. The famous people they had doing voice overs, actually played a role not like that fucking retarded kung fu fat fucking bear movie. The story was simple, the battles were epic, and the story is played close to home.  Fucking Jack Bauer is in it, enough said, just kidding that usually wouldnt be a winning point, the movie is good, watch it.

there was a 30 min halloween special, not that good, but the movie is good.

fuck watched allot of movies, oh yeah i went into like Zombie mode and wanted a good fucking zombie movie, but yeah

Diary of the Dead

I just dumped a harvester in the toilet and it smells awfully dead. So, you know im a pretty big skeptic of Romero, you know the zombie father, the one who started the Zombie panic in the film industry, dude whatever, hes like Grandmaster Flash, starters of something great, but truthfully really stink at what they do, dont get me wrong mad respect, just they dont got the skills to make what they started into something retained and beautiful. So Romero got into a binge of making kind of like a new “dead’ series from what i can see and from what minimal information the wiki says on him, so hes made a couple of new films, and from my site the one i dl my movies from this one had the most dl, suggesting its probalby the best one or the most sought/watched one. I watched it, thought it wasnt bad, HEY MAN ROMEROs finally caught up to the standard. oh how wrong was i. but this movie was good, the one i watched after was  a shit show. Romero likes to do allot of things with society, he kinda of does this whole naration this sarah conner experience, and it eludes to this media socialism, which fucks everyone during the rise of the dead. This panic with the media, is all this shit fake or real, if the media did a big practical joke and sent this shit out through all outlets, would it be chaos, or just a big laugh. Its humorous, its got some good explanations, and a bunch of god references, overeall its enjoyable. The camera work is done in a pretty crafty way, though its clear that the film was lacking a budget. It got me thinking a little, it had some Zombie survival guide moments which is always a plus, but overall its the best  on the market right now like in Requiem when they try to get the drugs cause thats all thats on the market, pysche Zombieland trumps this, but to me not by much.

Day of the Dead

with such a cool poster, you think theyd have a good movie, but fuck no. I looked at the stats you know like oh its got Ving Rhames oh its got Mena naked chick from American Beauty(btw thats a fucking weird name Mena Suvari). Fucking Ving he did great in Dawn of the Dead, which to me is the best of the best of all zombie movies, what can i say Zack Snyder is a beast man, he had all the right elements. man train of thought done, i m not going to spend any time on this movie, it fucking sucked, fucking nick cannon is in it, the only redeeming role hes ever had was in Chappelle show, fuck this movie, i can almost finish every movie i watch, not this one, its fucking shit.


Park Chan-Wook, this korean director is quite the olympian amongst movie standards, this is his second film to get one of the top awards at the Cannes film festival, you may have heard of his other film Old Boy. In my opinion i was kind of turned of watching the rest of the movies in his vegence series, i really thought this dude just puts some really fucking brutal shit in his movies that is hard to watch, and he does it in a sexually pent up way. But seeing as how “the weird” was in this movie, i said hey why not. This movie is about vampires, vampires are pretty cool, Park’s movie heavily dwell in the psyche of the main characters mind, his emotions are dealt with his actions. SO man becomes vampires, man use to be priest, man still wants to be priest but has conflict of interest due to his new fucked up thirst, which comes with some awesome powers. This movie is very violent, gruesome at points, there is tons of pent up sexual tension, cause HES A PRIEST AND ALL YOU KNOW, and is littered with funny parts that go along with this sexual tension, as cvax would say the “asian formula” for movies, at one point i was like this movie is going to shit, but at the end it balanced it self out like a roller coaster. This is also the first korean movie that has shown full frontal male nudity, so for all those out there wanting some good cockshot, watch it. I enjoyed certain scenes of this movie, there are some points where im like why, i dont know why this scene is in here, i really enjoyed how like i said early the movies dives into the main characters mind and you struggle with him, especially with a dead dude soaked in water, who appears during sex. HAHAHAHAHHAHA, but yes the movie is in eyeopener with the gruesome scenes, but hey thats what makes it fun. its different from your typical hollyamerican forum, watch it if you want something different, and watch it cause vampires are pretty sweet.


so what can i say meryl streep does a fucking excellent job per usual, as for amy adams shes just doesnt look hot in this movie what the fuck, i guess i kind of missed the whole point of this movie. Its a chick flick i would say, it goes into the two lives of these two women, its done kind of bad, like it does a pretty good like back and forth between the two  in the beginning then you kinda jump into a well with one for like 15 minutes and you totally forget the other characters. the worst part was the ending cause your like ughh “so she got owned” then you do a little research into the actual julie character and you find out this bitch is like typhoid. the whole time your like oh julie is a huge pathetic loser, and you go oh hey Julia Child is a great fucking person, shes awesome. julia child’s is awesome, PBS THAT SHIT, her antics are mimicked extremely well. anyways yeah the movie goes on this journey of failure for one character, and fucking ballerhood with the other. The trailer makes it look good, but the overall movie is just ok, mostly just seeing meryl tear that shit up.


not new moon, for all those twilight fuck heads. i was skeptic, cause sam rockwell just looks like a schmuck, which really has nothing to do with a movie, but comeon he looks dirty. so this movie is kinda of like space odyssey but not extremely boring and stupid. this movie is pretty rad, but may get slow, so do what i did sleep at 8 wake up at 11 30 watchc this movie till 4am, itll be good then, but yes this movie is enjoyable, its got a pretty big twist dished out in the middle, which creates a mind fuck storm. but yeah watch it. im done writing for now

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