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Astro boy

dude what the fuck is this bullshit. I personally have not seen any of the astro boy  and after this movie i will never watch anything a-boy, i expected something pretty awesome from the guys who did TMNT *cg version but.. very disapointed. ill talk about the good things first and there is only one, the art direction was cool, the cg was splendid, thats it, a couple million in production cost can do this. Story was absolute shit, here let me ruin some of it for you, this happened in the first like 10 min. OMG MY SON DIED, IM GOING TO BUILD A ROBOT VERSION OF HIM, *2 minutes after, FUCK HES NOT MY SON… well maybe you should have spent more time and thought before building a cyborg of your dead son.  the a-boy basically runs away cause daddy doesnt love him, then finds himself on the surface, the whole floating city thing didnt make a lickdick bit of sense either. just dont watch this movie, its garbage, and nick cage does the voice of daddy.

the sketch art is cool, not the movie

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