Animated Wins

mmmrhrmmmMEOWWWW.  ive been absent, my presence translucent and my mind in a herbal stupor. crestfallen from my shortcomings, i had to do something. The only remedy in site was … filling my mud brain with films.  I have a list of blog posts to write but am 2 fkin lzy* to write them, on my road to recovery these posts will unhinge from my  mind. I started my short weekend with a couple of films, my favorite the animated ones.

Princess and the Frog

This movie is typical disney flick but with a hint of cajun flava. HOHOHo “typical” the haters are thinking but when was the last time you seen a Disney animated film… fucking forever, thats right. The movie uses fairy tale concepts (princess and amphibian), if we dwell into these concepts the frog can be seen as a cock of freedom that the princess needs to pounce on to successfully conquer her ambitions. The movies local is NAWLANINS? new orleans, you know where Gambit is from… anyways it follows the story of a young poor working girl who’s only dream is to start a popin restaurant, shes saved up her whole life to do it and the TIME HAS COME butt… the heroes journey begins, with everything that could possibly go wrong happens and worse. The “worse” is this fucking bad man, or shadow man, i think of him as the bad man cause the voice of this character is the guy from Requiem for a Dream that says “asstoass” if you know what scene im referring to, you know why hes the bad man. I forgot to mention the prince, hes a dumbshit but incredibly funny with his charms. Like any disney movie we know shit goes bad, shit gets worse, shit goes uphill, i wouldn’t want to ruin any more of it, the story was short simple and not too complex, so ill stop discussing story. Each character matches their animated personas perfectly, the setting of new orleans was a great place to dwell,  the stereotypes of the area where proudly animated. There were two things i frowned on, one that they’re too many side characters, who try to be main characters but are not developed enough, 2nd from disney i expect great music, but the songs they sang where not very memorable, i cant even hum a beat from it, how sad is that. I thoroughly enjoyed each character, which is what made it for me, i was just sad i didn’t get to know them better. Though wonderful this movie was, it failed miserably at the box office, nowhere as successful as poca, beautybeast, rey de leon, kids just dont get all shit ridden over animated films like the use to, with a mere 100mil in a mini 10 weeks, this movie in the eyes of the Lords of Disney is a failure, so we wont be seeing much more of these films in the future, i ass ume.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

wallace and gromet can sucks mr fox glorious snout. Wes anderson does a spectacular job, if you know wes anderson then you will like this film, all his quirky awkward family dynamics are mashed into Road Dahls story that few have read. ?there something wrong with that sentence, and probably all my setences… but ok so yeah i dont think anyone can dislike this film, Its hilarious, its unique, the animation is superb, and let me say again fucking hilarious. They take the outline of Dahl’s story and jammed it with comedy. Mr Fox, who is fantastic, is a supreme thief, he retires due to his new born son, his fantastic skills are put back to use after a long hiatus, and thats when the trouble comes. He steals from the big white men, and they seek vengence.  his awesomeness is revealed over and over again, which is just awesome!#!@#!@!$!@! too much flatering, but i have to go back to work, just watch it and as the internet community would say Laugh out Loud.  the entire movie is like a how a child would imagine self beating up the bully and finding a big ole twix bar in his pocket, or any other amazing victory one could come up with. Win, watch it. Two concluding ending statements, live with it.

*be ready for a rating system.


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3 responses to “Animated Wins

  1. Pink

    herbal stupor +1

  2. You’re right, Ray, finding a Twix bar in your pocket is one of the biggest victories imaginable… And who did you beat? All those people who tried to tell you chocolate melts in your pocket. Screw them, they don’t know jack.

  3. “I ass ume” — Is this some sick shout-out to your sexual exploits with a certain female? Also: cock of freedom. Well put.

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