Where The Wild Things Are

Hello, WTWTA(film) is vastly different from the book. From what i recall of the book, a small boy named max, basically passes out and has a wild rumpus time with these monsters. The movie follows a similar plot but dwells into the loneliness of Max and his emotastic life. In the movie Max is your normal delinquent, a small child to a single mother whos pappy never loved him.  The first 15 minutes of the movie dive into this, basically all the reasons why Max acts out and all the mind numbing emotions of a small lonely child. Which to me is awesome, cause lil ole max in the movie reminded me of my own childhood. Chasing animals, imaginary friends, huge tantrums and picking fights. Spike Jonez uses this as a initial vector for Max’s adventure. After seeing his mom getting close to some stranger a scene that closely reminds me of American History X, except without the jew hating cursing, Max throws a huge shit and runs away  and appears into this new WORLD, where the monsters dwell. This new world can be seen as Max’s dream world, as Spike very blatantly shows maxs creations in real life in the Wild things world. After meeting all these new Monsters it becomes clear, that each monsters embodies a different trait of Max. Carol the angry beast, can be seen as Max own angry disposition for the world, when he is unhappy he starts wrecking shit. Alexander is max’s loneliness, out of the beast he is always ignored and made fun of, just like how Max is. Douglas a sensible beast, who embraces the wildness but understands that its all fake. These juxtapositions are rather obvious and boring, cause they dont lead anywhere. The Initial rumpus is hilarious and fun, but after 20 minutes of this shit its  unveiled that these creatures have tons of drama in there clan and arent just dumb beast but emotional destructive versions of max but in giant monster form. It just becomes a shitty sitcom of the drama amongst these beast, which is the least bit entertaining.  What is entertaining is the art direction and cinematography, costumes and structures are the shit  this movie, but that doesnt make up for the lack of story. Cause Max realizes that the Wild Thing’s lives are too complicated, so he just runs back home. So in the end hes just a small coward who keeps running from his problems, granted that he is a small child with a vivid imagination, it still doesnt make up for him running away from his own imaginary world.


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