A quick tribute to Hugo Weaving

going through old dvds is such a bummer, they are basically worthless piece of plastic now compared to the infinity times better blu ray, they will soon join the dark void with cassette tapes, vh1, and the floppy disk. As i was sorting through this archaic mess i come across V for Vendetta, and who can be more lovely than the character V, and who can be more sexy than the actor Hugo Weaving. The first time i heard of this fella was in  film lit about a his role as a gayman in the film:

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

didnt really think much of it until he became:

Agent Smith: you pretty much fucked the shit out of neo for 3 movies, ruthless evil and bent on world domination (both of them), i dont blame you for the  last 1.5 movies being shitty

Elron the High Elf: umm good job being a pointy eared leader, your wise words should have defeated sauron way earlier but you were too busy being a eternal hermaphordite

V: lovely tongue twister freak, who fights the power

Megatron: sexy voice, had problems killing optimus, totally understandable, but still clutch enough with that throaty voice to dish out those cliche lines.

and apparently was Rex the old sheepdog in Babe.  His sweet ass and his large forehead culminate to a deep throated bad ass in some of the major hits of 2000s. so keep up the good work Hugo, you have a wonderful voice.


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